Welcome to Clothcycle, where you will find beautiful cloth pads! Clothcycle cloth menstrual pads are handcrafted in Australia from high quality absorbent fabrics. We believe that our pads are amongst the finest cloth pads on the market today. 

Cloth = a comfortable, ecofriendly period. We love our cloth pads and know that you will too. So why not give them a try and go green!

For more general information check the About and FAQ sections and please feel welcome to Contact Us 

Featured Pads


AUD14.00 each Made to order ~ 28cm
5 items in stock
AUD12.95 each Berry Bamboo Velour ~ PUL 26cm
1 item in stock
AUD15.00 each Eco Femme Pantyliner (3 Pack)
16 items in stock
AUD8.95 each Eco Femme Day Pad
14 items in stock




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